a visual journey through the Bitcoin blockchain like you've never seen before! Each B-ordz character embodies the spirit of the crypto space, from savvy traders to hardcore miners.the world of B-ordz and witness the lightning-fast transactions and cutting-edge technology of the Bitcoin blockchain come to life in vivid detail! These characters are more than just pixels - they're stories waiting to be told. Meet the Trader, navigating the volatile seas of crypto markets with steely determination and diamond hands. Every trade tells a tale of triumph or turmoil, captured in the vibrant strokes of the B-ordz Collection. enture deep into the heart of the blockchain with the Miner, whose relentless pursuit of those elusive blocks powers the very foundation of Bitcoin. Each hash is a badge of honor, etched into the digital canvas of the B-ordz universe. But it's not all serious business in the world of B-ordz! Meet the Degen, a wild card in the crypto deck whose antics range from moonshot gambles to rug-pull nightmares. Their stories add a touch of chaos to the orderly blockchain. And let's not forget the Normies - those newcomers to the crypto scene whose wide-eyed wonder and occasional confusion mirror the journey of so many in the space. Through the eyes of the Normies, we see the ever-changing landscape of Bitcoin.